In Development

In Development

In Development
Whats Been Going On We have a name

Project Green Plunder has now been renamed – Ravage – Dungeons of Plunder

-Lots more play testing.
-Card text has been updated, huge thanks to Tony Strongman.
-The card layouts and symbols have been improved. oxplay
-Item modifier cards can slot under other cards with the bonus value showing at the top.
-New artwork for the tokens.
-Countless concept sketches for other monsters, thinking I might have enough material for an art book at the end of this too.

Tabletop Simulator
I created my prototype the old fashioned way with blank cards written on in pen, and even got some dungeon cards printed via DriveThru Cards, living in the UK these can be pricey because of delivery however the quality is great. We play tested some more and some more and then I found Tabletop Simulator so I spent the next 2 days creating my prototype in that so I could play with friends who don’t live quite so near, ands it great.

The rulebook has had an extensive overhaul in content and images and has also been edited by Andrew Ulysses Baker many thanks go out to him for rules wrangling and clarification.

Play testing at UK Games Expo
We will be in the playtest zone at this years UK Games Expo in Birmingham on the Saturday 30th May between 10am – 1pm. So if you want to play Ravage – Dungeons of Plunder just nip by.

Project – Green Plunder

Here in the house of beard we have been working on a dungeon crawling card game for the moment we are calling it Project Green Plunder name obviously subject to change, we will be launching this on Kickstarter later this year. Its all about orcs smashing through dungeons and you play the orcs, and no I wouldn’t trust an orc either so expect some backstabbing.

Solitaire Game for iPad Just Submitted to App Store
We have some exciting news to share with you!

If you are of an age you will remember that the most popular game in the classroom or office when the teacher or boss wasn’t looking was a quick cheeky game of Solitaire. It came free with the Windows™ operating system and was a fun little pass-time clickathon. If you are older then you had a harder time hiding the playing cards from Matron, Governess, Fagin, etc… Things have moved on somewhat over the last few years but Solitaire, or as it is originally known, Patience, has been a popular card game since it’s origins in the late 18th century. As we have just released a full deck of playing cards we thought it would be cool to incorporate them into a game for you to play. Say on some modern device of our age…
With that thought in mind Beardy Brothers have developed a Solitaire game for iPad featuring our Orc & Undead playing cards. The Beardy Brothers themed version of Solitaire is our first iOS product and will be distributed through the Apple App Store in the next five to ten days.

The game will feature:
-Beardy Brothers Orc & Undead themed playing cards.
-Unlock the Collectors Edition cards as you play through the game.
-Countless achievements to be had via GameCenter.
-Lots of tapping!
If you would like a physical copy of the cards they are available to buy from DriveThruCards now!

We will have promo codes to give away on launch too, You lucky minions!

Orcs & Undead Playing Cards
Beardy Brothers is currently developing a deck of fantasy themed playing cards featuring Orcs and the Undead. This will be Beardy Brothers first product and we wanted to show you some early development artwork.

If you like the artwork you will soon be able to buy the finished pieces as physical cards from DriveThru Cards. We’ll update the world via our Twitter, Facebook and our news feed when they go on sale.

In the meantime we hope you enjoy browsing the gallery of work in progress images we’ve selected below.