Beardy Brothers

Beardy Brothers

Beardy Brothers
Who we are?
You mean you don’t already know? For shame! OK then, well you had better click below to find out more!

Beardy Brothers is the combination of a few friends who love gaming. We have grown up playing Roleplaying Games, board games, card games, computer games, even those games where you go down into an actual cave and poke volunteers with foam weaponry or get stuck for half an hour on the simplest of puzzles with only a candle for light. We’ll play anywhere! On the tabletop, on the computer, in a muddy field under a tent, or down the pub. but mostly we will play where people are willing to gather around and share in the experience with us. Some of us are even still grinding our way through Lord of The Rings Online every week.

What with all the great games available to play at the moment we have always wondered what it would be like to put our own spin on things. At present we have several games under development and will post previews and artwork in the news / Upcoming section of our website. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

Ian Schofield – Founder / Game Designer / Art Director / Artist
Ian is a fantastic artist and has worked in the illustration industry for many years. His personal artwork has been featured in magazines and he has displayed and demoed his skills at conventions. The artwork alone in our products will be fantastic as I am sure you will agree once you see our work in progress updates and eventually our releases. idn live

Tony Strongman – Chief Game Designer / Game Mechanics / Writer
Tony is the brains behind the mechanics and story telling, its his vision that builds worlds. Well that was a very uplifting statement, thanks Ian, I’ll leave that in! In truth I’ve been gamesmastering, Dungeon Mastering, Storytelling, rules lawyering (lie) and wrangling players for the past couple of decades and have come up with a few homebrew settings and even rulesets in this time. Let alone the amount of house ruling myself and groups I’ve played with have come up with to make tihngs “Better”. I aim to bring this experience to Beardy Brothers by creating games that I/we would like to play ourselves.

The journey begins…
At Beardy Brothers we often ponder over an ever more buggy voice chat interface or three about what games we would like to make. Needless to say there are ideas being thrown into the mixer that is cloud storage and once we blend the ingredients in the correct order, add enough cinnamon, you will be able to enjoy a veritable feast of card games & board games, there may even be enough cinnamon left over for a roleplaying system. We have some in development right now so check our Products and News pages for more information.

The Beardy Studio is currently in it’s fledgeling stages at the moment so we are not currently accepting any artist or writer submissions at present.